History Of Shiatsu Massage

The Shiatsu massage therapy is today known to be a combination of various fingers pressure to key different point areas of the human body. This treatment is known as Japan massage technique, and it works in balancing the Chi body to prevent and remove sickness in a person’s body. The method is accomplished by keeping free flowing of energy in one’s body. Blocked meridian points are believed to be the cause of diseases among people, and it is why balancing the energy is vital for having healthy body condition to withstand any sickness attack such as cold, depression, etc.

In ancient Japan, massage courses were being offered, and it was from here where the shiatsu massage was traced. This Massage was used as a form of alternative healing at that time. In the Japanese society, one member in every family had to be knowledgeable in this massage technique so that he/she could be able to heal all the family members and keep them healthy. The massage therapists were called Teate and were usually women or blind people. In the year 1912, a story was told of a seven-year-old boy who used this technique of healing to relieve his mother’s pain and stress from rheumatoid arthritis; he applied different pressure from his thumbs and palms on her body. The boy’s name was Tokujiro Namikoshi, later on, in the year 1940; he founded the Japanese shiatsu college. It was from this college many shiatsu practitioners began to take their lessons in this type of massage therapy.

Then after that a former student developed Zen shiatsu massage and became a teacher at Tokujiro Nahimoshis School which was at that time called Shizuto Masunaga.These people had the privilege in treating the Japanese wealthier and high profile personalities. In the year 1919, the first book about Shiatsu massage was published and was called Shiatsu method. The book was authored by a person named Tenpiki Tamai.Tenpiki was believed to be that first person to use and mention the term Shiatsu then later on an individual by the name Tokujiro Namikoshi and other Japanese people improved shiatsu massage into other different methods thus becoming popular. However, in the year 1970, a book was published and was authored by a famous person who was called Shizuto Masunaga. This book was instrumental in making people learn massage thus enabling shiatsu massage become popular around the word.

It was also due to the visitation and the treatment of the then famous person called Marilyn Monroe who was examined and got treated by a person named Tokujiro Namikoshi.Tokujiro Namikoshi, later on, made shiatsu massage a popular natural treatment outside Japan. Since then the spread of different shiatsu massage therapy has swept through Europe and North America from where one can find at least one Massage school. In the earlier times of shiatsu therapy, the practice was based on ancient Chinese medicine by use of acupuncture. However, after the Second World War, this healing was banned due to several reports of therapists using thin needles on meridian points of a patient’s body. Helen Keller halted the banning of the Massage, and today the Massage is a mixture of western practices and Chinese medicine.

5 Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage is a medical therapy developed around 530 B.C. in ancient China. It later became widespread in Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia. Its popularity reached the western countries – United States, Canada, and Australis – in the 1970s where it was used for treating muscular tensions and pains.

A Shiatsu massage is done using a padded mat on the floor. It usually takes an hour or less to treat a patient needing simple muscular relief. The therapy starts with a gentle massage and stretching of the skin. This procedure allows the muscle to relax and stimulates body energy. It can take up to 3 years to fully learn massage of the Shiatsu form.

The Following Are The Five Benefits Of Having A Shiatsu Massage:

No. 1 – Relief from Muscle Pains

Shiatsu massage enables the blood to circulate more efficiently. It provides a rejuvenating effect as mild pressure is applied to the tension points thereby giving relief to muscle pains.

No. 2 – Relief from Migraine and Headaches

A Shiatsu massage cures migraines and headaches by keeping the body calm and relax. It also helps in circulation by increasing the blood flow throughout the body.

No.3 – Relief from Menstrual Cramps/ Childbirth

Women since ancient times have used shiatsu massage to help alleviate menstrual cramps.It is also known to help pregnant women during childbirth or having child labor.

No. 4 – Aides in Circulatory and Digestive system

A regular shiatsu massage helps in the body’s digestive and circulatory system. It helps eliminate the waste products and in the removal of toxins in the body.

No. 5 – Helps in making the skin supple

The stimulation of the sebaceous glands in the skin through shiatsu massage helps to make it supple and hydrated all the time. It makes it more elastic and not prone to premature aging.

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